Associate Pastor

Focused on Faith Formation for Youth/Children and Families


First Baptist Church P. 0. Box 3400

115 N. Madison Avenue

Eatonton, GA 31024

(706) 485-3331



Associate Pastor

The Associate Pastor oversees the spiritual development of families in the context of a family-integrated, cross-generational approach to ministry. Their main focus is working with family units and volunteers to fulfill the mission of the Church and implement the vision of the church as it pertains to developing ministries which will strengthen Christian families and create meaningful relationships within the church body. The core function of this position will be the oversight and leadership of the Youth Ministry in partnership with a part-time Children’s Assistant. This includes growing relationships inside the church and expanding the Ministry outside into the community.


The Associate Pastor is expected to contribute to the team spirit of the staff through fellowship, encouragement, cooperation, prayer support and other appropriate ways, as she/he serves our Savior and the church.



  1. Consideration will be given to any who apply. Preference may be given to anyone with a BA from an accredited college and a Masters from an accredited school of theology.

  2. Must have knowledge and skill in the philosophy, psychology, and principles of spiritual formation among children, youth and adults.

  3. Must possess organizational and administration abilities and practice.

  4. Must demonstrate the ability to maintain good rapport with members, staff, and community.

  5. Must have excellent written and verbal communication skills, conflict management skills, and IT/technology skills.



  1. To build young disciples for Christ by developing and implementing a comprehensive approach to youth and children’s ministry (in the areas of group building, worship, discipleship, mission, and outreach) while serving as a spiritual leader and role model.

  2. To assist the church at large with member and community outreach.

  3. To serve as pulpit preacher on occasion as needed.

  4. To assist with technology needs such as website, facebook, sound system, etc.

  5. Coordinate Sunday school curriculum for children, youth and young adults.

  6. Manage the youth and children’s ministry budget.



The Associate Pastor will report to the Senior Pastor for spiritual and ministry guidance. The Senior pastor, in cooperation with the Personnel Committee, will provide an annual evaluation of the Associate Pastor’s performance. The Associate pastor will be responsible and subject to First Baptist Church personnel policy and Articles of Faith.


 STATUS: Full-time, Salaried (Commensurate with experience and education)

HOURS: 40 hours per week

BENEFITS:  Mileage reimbursement, continuing education / convention allowance.


Job Description


The Minister of Youth shall be called of God with the primary responsibility of developing, coordinating and administering a comprehensive Christian children/youth program. This person should have the ability to relate to children/youth and have received Christian training in this field.



  1. Promote, plan, organize and supervise the Youth Ministry of FBC, inclusive of and in addition to, the ways listed in items b-i.

  2. Provide youth Bible study classes to teach discipleship and spiritual growth.

  3. Serve as a resource person for the youth Sunday School teachers.

  4. Implement and administer an ongoing emphasis on missions by youth through mission projects, local and beyond, and mission study.

  5. Lead youth on at least one annual trip with the goal of spiritual development.

  6. Develop ways for youth to lead in worship.

  7. Recruit, lead, equip, and maintain a Lead Team of adults and youth leaders to assist in any and all youth activities.

  8. Implement an ongoing outreach program targeted at youth in our community.

  9. Provide avenues for crisis counseling situations.

  10. Promote, plan, organize and supervise the Children’s Ministry of FBC in coordination with part-time Assistant Children’s Director.



  1. Provide an Annual Budget proposal for youth/children to the Finance Committee .

  2. Assist other staff members as needed.


The Associate Pastor shall be a regular participant in the Sunday morning worship services of the church, performing duties as determined by the Pastor. He/She will participate with members of church staff to develop coordinated programs that help to accomplish the vision and purposes of the church. He/She shall receive operational guidance from the Pastor. The Associate Pastor will have an Annual Review by the Pastor, Chairman of Personnel and Chairman of Youth Committee.